Creating Remarkable Buzz for Medical Affairs


Companies typically spend the bulk of their convention budgets on commercial marketing. One ophthalmology organization’s Medical Affairs team was determined to make a splash despite being on the “back side” of the exhibit.


Capitalizing on the collegial atmosphere and palpable desire to share information in the ophthalmology world, we collaborated with the client on a looping “Wisdom You Can See” video featuring inspiring insights from eye care thought leaders for their peers.


Both long-established and new-to-practice ophthalmologists lined up at the booth to take selfies with their favorite quotes in the background, often waiting as long as 20 minutes and bringing fellow attendees along to show them the video. This produced an unprecedented doubling of traffic and engagement on the Medical Affairs side of the client’s booth.

Wisdom video kiosk
Doctors video quote

Success Drives Increased Funding

Based on the overwhelming success of this engagement strategy, the client expanded the program the following year, with insights from more doctors included in the interactive video presentation.
Doctor quote kiosk

Demand-Driven Tech Tweaks

To enable booth visitors to see the video quotes that moved them the most, we created a touchscreen experience to allow visitors to search the archive and display their favorites on the big screen. We also added this capability to a website that offered the same information as the physical tradeshow booth.
booth community

A Powerful Sense of Community

Nothing galvanizes an audience like a feeling of community. Making information (insights on glaucoma, for example) accessible and tangible generated a powerful sense of shared purpose for the company and show attendees.

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