Drawing Pharma Stakeholders in by Transporting Them to Paradise


A pharmaceutical company with a product for overactive bladder sought to bring the tagline “More Time Here, Less Time There” to life in engaging and tangible ways. The challenge was to create a floor-to-ceiling tropical paradise experience to contrast with what patients face in their daily lives (stressful urgent trips to the restroom) while also working within the exhibit hall’s physical constraints and adhering to industry requirements that tradeshows be educational.


The client had identified an excellent counterpoint to anxiety about bladder problems in the relaxed days enjoyed on tropical vacations. To bring this idea and their cartoon-based ad campaign to life, we went outside our typical tradeshow partnerships for vendors (including award-winning sand sculptors) who created an immersive beach scene complete with a tiki hut, dragon fruit smoothies, and the enticing gradual crafting of 4,000 lbs of sand into ad campaign characters—an evolution that brought visitors back again and again.


As we expected, the exhibit was an excellent place for stakeholders to learn about the client’s product through videos and a multi-faceted, interactive questionnaire that was an educational tool and lead generator. The space also became a talked-about destination where weary attendees could take a break during their busy days.

Digital kiosk with pop quiz
People with hash tags

A Must-See Exhibit

The immersive beach environment and emerging sand sculpture sent a ripple of “You need to see this!” through the show, creating a steady stream of traffic.
small medical affairs booth

Outstanding Lead Generation

Unsurprisingly, the relaxed environment of the exhibit made visitors feel comfortable “letting their guard down,” and the company gathered 375 leads from people eager to engage.
ASCRS change lives flyer

Expanded Promotional Horizons

Providers and patients love learning about new or better treatment options. Similarly, pharma companies are thrilled to discover there are always ways to enhance their tradeshow presence with help from the right agency.

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